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Chattanooga 2016 Hot Cruise

2016 Cruise to Chattanooga with the Sailing Club

September 18th to 25th, 2016

I enjoyed the 2014 Chattanooga trip so much that I had to do it again. This time instead of 5 boats there were 8. Most came from Lake Guntersville Sailing Marina. We ware able to build on the knowledge gained in the previous trip so this one went incredibly smoothly except for the heat. Also worth noting is that there was not a single drop of rain after the first couple of hours on the first day. Below is the log and pictures from this trip.

Sunday, Sept 18Home to Raccoon Creek
Monday, Sept 19To Hales Bar Marina
Tuesday, Sept 20To Chattanooga
Wednesday, Sept 21Chattanooga
Thursday, Sept 22Chattanooga
Friday, Sept 23To Shellmound Campground
Saturday, Sept 24To Goose Pond Marina
Sunday Sept 25Home
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