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Chattanooga 2016 Hot Cruise

Day 2 in Chattanooga

Thursday September 22

Folks spread out to do various activities. We decided to rent a kayak and a standup paddleboard. This is my first real use of a SUP and I really enjoyed it.

After we turned in the SUP and kayak we took Andrea Lynn down to do the pumpout. This was the kind that presses against the pumpout hole to form a seal. It made short work of this process.

Then the group ate at Easy Cafe. Anytime someone got up from the table the wait staff would fold their napkins for them. This became a bit of a running joke for the rest of the trip. But this place is great so I have it on my list of go back to places.


I was not able to find any coin operated laundries within easy walking distance of Ross Landing. So I resorted to hand washing clothes like I did for The April 27th, 2011 tornadoes. This is the only instance of me posting dirty laundry on the web! :)

A day in the sun dried the clothes so I could wear them that night.

We wandered up to a coffee shop just past the Hunter Museum of Art.

Chattanooga has some amazing art.

This complex filigree work might give me an idea for a design. I have no idea what at this point.

Here is a detail of how it's assembled.

The karst geology appears to offer up a great potential for caves.

Sure enough. This hole doesn't go back far enough to qualify as a real cave though.

This is my first real paddling excursion on a SUP. I wasn't sure about swimming in the river since people were complaining about the amount of scum getting on the waterline of their boats. So I made sure I did not fall. I stayed standing for an hour, then knealed down for a few minutes to rest. Then back up for the remainder of the trip.

Debbie's enjoying paddling.

This looks like it was once a tour boat.

I don't know the real story here but it looks like it might be soneone's expensive fools errand. People sometimes buy huge, old boats at a discount thinking they can fix them up. But they woefully underestimate the amount of time and money required. After some years they give up. This is a huge waste IMHO.

The Southern Belle.

The fleet.

This is something I really should have done. But it is hard to get enough time.

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