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Chattanooga 2016 Hot Cruise

Day 1 in Chattanooga

Wednesday September 21

The first order of business was to walk down Walnut St bridge and visit North Shore. We checked out a store that sold just olive oil and vinegar. I went to Stone Cup for a cappuccino.

We all as a group set up a texting group on our cell phones. This worked out great for coordinating activities.

It was extremely hot. Nonetheless I checked out the new extension to the River Walk. I hiked down it about three miles or so. Most of it was past Factory land, including an abandoned building next to I-24 as one approaches Chattanooga from the West. Finally it got to a few good places to view the river. As I was running short on time I decided to try a bike rental. It was easy to figure out how to work the kiosk and obtain possession of the bike. I rode it back. It was a simple 7 speed bike but it had a cupholder for the water I was drinking. I turned it into another municipal bike rack.

That night we ate at Tony's. They don't take reservations so we made sure to get there around 1730 to beat the crowds.


The view looking down Walnut St. Bridge looking back toward Hunter Museum of Art. I love walking on this bridge.

This building in North Shore is being reconstructed as a new shop or restaurant.

This is part of the new River Walk extension running south from just south of the PR Olgiatti Bridge (Rt 27).

It is a really nice bicycle grade trail that runs south for several miles.

A lot of it runs past factories. Some are working, others are abandoned.

There are several rail road crossings. I like this tunnel crossing. This trail opened in August 2016. It is so new that it doesn't appear on Google Maps or yet (as of Oct 16, 2016).

I don't care for this one so much. I walked about 3 miles down this trail in the 90 degree heat. I had set my timer to alert when one hour had passed so I could turn around. As the alarm sounded I spotted a municipal bike rack. I quickly figured how to rent a bike from it. It was $8 per day. I decided to get a bike to get back quicker so I could be ready for dinner. I was quite happy with the way this turned out. I will keep this as an option for a future trip to Chattanooga.

The Chief John Ross bridge symbolizes Chattanooga in my mind.

This was found floating in the water by some of our cruising company while in Central America several years ago. We still don't know what this is.

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