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Chattanooga 2016 Hot Cruise

Shellmound Campground to Goose Pond Colony

Saturday September 24

We got up before daybreak to take showers. Then I fixed some coffee. We of three boats contemplated using a springline to warp off the dock but decided that was over thinking things. Instead I used my long boathook to push the sterns of the two side boats off so they could back out. Then we shoved off on Andrea Lynn. Right at 0730 we left the dock and proceeded to the lock. We had to wait a few minutes for other boats to lock through coming up. But then the gates opened and the horn sounded. It was time to return to Guntersville pool and begin the longest cruise segment of the trip.

Soon we approached the CSX railroad bridge but then had to wait 20 minutes for a train to go through. I made sure I was at the front. As soon as the all clear signal was given I gunned it.

After 50 miles and interminable heat we made it to Goose Pond Colony. I prepaid the transient. Then we headed to the Docks whereupon I settled down and immediately ordered a nice frozen Pina Colada.

We then had a nice dinner and just about froze in the restaurant. I hung out for a few minutes at the dock party before falling asleap in the chair and turning in.

Ships Log

0730 Leave dock at Shellmound camp ground

0754 waiting at Nickajack lock

0804 descending

0823 cleared the lock

0830 passed 423.6

0903 bumped up RPM

0918 passed blue arch bridge

0920 5.5 knots SOG

0937 passed into Alabama

0942 2415 RPM

0947 passed 415.5

0950 throttled down to wait for a train at CSX railroad bridge

1022 passed CSX railroad bridge

1029 5.9 knots SOG

1037 2644 RPM

1049 throttled down to conserve fuel

1100 5.3 knots SOG

1125 passed Widows Creek steam plant

1130 brief stop to take pictures

1202 passed 404.0 (Navionics)

1211 passed trestle bridge (Rt 117)

1212 passed 403.0 (Navionics)

- Goose Pond 378 eta 1630

1321 passed Raccoon Creek

1329 passed 395 (Navionics)

- Goose Pond 378 eta

1338 throttled up

1343 passed 393.7

1404 2336 RPM

1406 passed 391 (Navionics)

1451 passed Rt 35 bridge

1526 passed towboat "Harley Hall"

1600 turned off into Goose Pond Marina

1620 Docked


We got up really early to get showers - the first in about a week.

Kokomo is looking proper and ready to lock down.

I always find something new along the river.

We had to wait for a train to pass.

The past and the future.

We could not get to Goose Pond soon enough since it was so ridiculously hot. The first order of business was a Pina Colada.

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