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Chattanooga 2016 Hot Cruise

Goose Pond Colony to North Alabama Sailing Marina

Sunday September 25

We ate breakfast at the fishing store. They have wonderful biscuits. Then we left the dock to head down river.

Back at North Alabama Sailing Marina we cram packed the remains of the provisions in Debbie's car while the truck sat near the road. Now that the trip was over I could think about what to do with the truck.

Ships Log

0915 Left dock

0926 entered main channel

0934 stopped to retrieve fender that fell overboard

0938 resumed course and speed

0942 passed 377.0

1017 passed 373.2

1019 rpm 2232

1025 throttled up to 2455 RPM

1049 passed 369.8

1116 passed 366.7

1147 passed Seiboldt light

1235 passed 431 bridge

1304 slowed by milfoil from 4.6 to 3

1313 turning into NASM

1320 docked


This is my first real attempt at using Navionics to track progress against waypoints and calculate an ETA.

We soon reached home waters.

Another Chattanooga trip is done. Now for the nitty gritty of unloading and closing up the boat, driving home, unpacking, laundry and return to work.

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