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Chattanooga 2016 Hot Cruise

North Alabama Sailing Marina to Raccoon Creek

Sunday September 18

We got a really early start. Originally we planned to go to LGSC via boat for the pig roast on Saturday night. But the truck broke down due to bad gas along the way. So I had the truck towed 9 miles to NASM. Debbie met me there and we drove to the pig roast. After an enjoyable evening we returned to NASM to load the provisions on Andrea Lynn.

We got under way just before 0600 to head to LGSC. We arrived there at 0820 for the 0900 Blessing of the Chattanooga fleet.

Along the way we passed a towboat with a large array of barges. The lesson for the fleet was the terminology "one whistle" or "two whistle" for which side to pass the towboat on. Then we were off to Raccoon Creek to raft up.

There I swwam around the boats. Then I paddled from the raftup down to the south shore near Gorhams Bluff, then over near the entrance to Raccoon Creek. I'm told there was a cave at the shore that one could paddle into but I did not find it. I'll have to look some more another time. Later we all ate dinner and socialized. I turned in around 2200. We were warned about a bad approaching storm front. After dark I could see lightning in the distince. I'm told that it moved through around midnight and shook things up a bit but I slept through it.

Ships Log

0558 under way

0651 passed 431 bridge

0711 passed UGL

0726 passed Short Creek

0820 docked at LGSC

0920 Left LGSC

0948 heavy rain and fog

0950 Passed Seiboldt light

1008 put up jib

1010 making 5.2 SOG

1022 Passing Millers Creek

1033 passed mm 368.1

1116 passed 372.2

1125 passed 373.2

1146 passed 375.2

1210 Passed Goose Pond Colony

1254 passed 382.2

1329 passed Rt 35 bridge

1353 passed 388.0

1355 Weather has cleared up.

1427 passed southbound towboat "Washington"

1439 wind on the nose

1452 passed 393.7

1505 passed 394.7

1530 entered Raccoon creek

1550 rafted up


Neptune inspects the provisions.


Docked for the Blessing of the Fleet. This is our home for the next 7 days.

Islands in the Fog

Boats in the Rain

A few of us are getting drenched

"Towboat Washington, do you want us to pass on the one?"

All rafted up

Dinner is served

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