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I now have the shear frame installed. This consists of three 1/2 x 1 1/2" strips of wood that are epoxied and screwed together. The plans call for two strips that are 3/4" by 1 1/2". I started to install such a strip at least to try to bend it around the curve of the boat and found it difficult. The 1/2" in contrast, presented almost no resistance to bending. I then installed the first strip and screwed it to each frame or bulkhead and let it dry. I then glued the second strip on. I used drywall screws and clamps to temporarily hold it while it dried. I then took out the temporary screws and glued in the third strip. I secured it with bronze #6 1 3/4" screws every foot. I poured extra epoxy on top to insure it filled any gaps between the strips.

Here you see interlocking strip ends. I used a technique where I applied a strip to one side then sawed it square with the other side. This is easier than trying to saw and fit a perfect centerline angle.

Here you see the bronze screws holding it together.

Here shear is somewhat visible looking forward. Earlier I discovered a slight hard spot near frame #4 starboard. The fault was with frame 4A which is down about 1/8" on the starboard side for some reason. I've generally tried to hold the tolerance for errors in boat dimensions to about 1/8" or less.