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Andrea Lynn had not been out of the water in 5 years. As a result the bottom was getting fouled and she was not up to her usual speed under sail. Before a race I would resort to jumping over the side with mask and scotch bright pad to scrape and clean the bottom. An hour later she would be good to go - for about a week. Then I'd repeat the routine. I didn't mind swimming so much as having the option of not having to do it.

Here I will talk about getting the boat hauled out in August 2006. I had the bottom power washed. Then I put in a new depth and speed instrument and painted the bottom. About a month later I launched her.

Hauling the boat out

Here I have her lined up with the boat ramp.

We don't have big travellifts like the folks up in the Chesapeake are used to. Instead we use this heavy duty trailer. It has 4 hydraulic arms that adjust to the boat being put on it.

For this boat additional pulling power was needed. We ran a cable from the biggest tree we have.

Back to the truck.

This winch does most of the pulling.

The boat slowly eases out of the water. Ernie did this slowly and carefully to make sure the boat was sitting on the trailer properly.

She's coming out of the water nicely. The pad has wiped over the bottom as the arm was actuated.

She's just about out.

She's ready to be blocked up on jackstands.

Carol presides over everything.