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Decatur Balloon Festival Cruise Day 2


This fireboat came by and said "Good morning Brown's Creek." We were tickled.

This is a neat cupholder

We got up at about 0530 and dinghied ashore at 6 to participate in the races. We wanted to be in the middle of the action. We wound up helping to set up the Touchstone balloon. Then the folks in charge called the race because it was too windy. We hung around for a bit while they got the balloons stood up to look pretty. Then we returned to the boats.

This is a nice place to come back for a picnic in August.

I ate some oatmeal then crashed.

I woke up about an hour later. The first thing I noticed was that the sun was shining in the wrong way. As I woke up it dawned on me that the boat had dragged anchor. The entire raft up had turned around 180 degrees in the cove. One of the boats was pretty close to shore and about to run aground. The wind had come up quite a bit.

We all looked at it and devised a plan. I pulled up my stern anchor so it wouldn't get run over by one of the other boats.

This came up on the stern anchor.

Then the other boats untied and backed out. I started the motor and put it in reverse to back out. Then I raced to the bow to pull the bow anchor. Meanwhile the other boats went over a bit and dropped anchor and rafted back up. I went over a bit and then dropped anchor.

I did a few things then dinghied over to the other boats for a bit. We all debated the day's schedule and decided to go swimming for a bit. The water was a bit cool but not too bad.

We (Andrea Lynn) decided to leave at noonish. The other boats stayed until early Monday morning.

Andrea Lynn and the other boats.

Ships Log: Decatur to Ditto Landing

1230 u/w

1253 Exited Flint Creek

1256 SOG 3.8 knots

1309 Passed I-65

1410 Passed MM 314.0

1447 Noted a rope swing

Some people getting ready to jump or thinking about it.

1501 Passed MM 318.5

1532 SOG 4.6 knots

1608 Passed Crowder

1608 Possible caves on south bank

These look like they might be caves. Noted for a future trip.

1628 MM 326.0

1654 Passed MM 328.2

1718 Passed 330.0

1757 Passed 231 bridge

1803 Docked at Ditto Landing

The weather wasn't looking too pretty for us so it must have really messed up the event schedule for the balloons.

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