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Decatur Balloon Festival Cruise Day 3


Ships Log: Ditto Landing to BCSM

0946 Depart Ditto Landing

0951 Passed MM 334.3

1006 Possible caves in South Bank

1034 Possible caves in south bank

1040 Passed MM 339.1

1112 passed towboat "Lexington"

1122 Passed Paint Rock River

Happy Memorial Day

1159 Possible caves on south bank

1249 Finished locking through

1258 Passed 350.4

1315 Rain for 5 minutes

The gap at Goat Island

1415 Docked at BCSM

A short time later the other boats returned to the marina. They had stayed until early Monday morning and made the run back in one day.

Run times:
Run to Decator (minus lock time):9 hr 12 min
Return from Decatur:
 Decatur to Ditto:5hr 33min
 Ditto to BCSM (minus lock time):4hr
 Total:9hr 33min
Lake Guntersville Sailing Club: mm 364 Note: 1 mile to sailing line
Browns Creek Sailing Marina: mm 357 Note:1.5 miles to sailing line
Ditto Landing: mm 333.5
Flint Creek:mm 308 Note: 2 mile slow run inside from sailing line due to narrow channel.