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Decatur Balloon Festival Cruise Day 1


Ships Log: BCSM to Decatur

A short timelapse video of the run from Brown's Creek to just past Ditto Landing (9m 20s)

0718 U/W from Brown's Creek

0820 Passed Goat Island Gap

0845 Passed MM 350.4

0850 Passed MM 349.5

0927 Cleared through lock

1003 Passed Painted Bluff

1021 Passed Clark Bluff

1100 Passed MM 341.0

1121 Passed towboat "Washington" near MM 330 Hobbs Island

1138 Passed MM 334.3

1146 Passed Ditto Landing

1149 Passed 231 bridge

1233 Passed MM 330.0

1309 Passing Lewis Bluff (possible caves)

322.4 1340

318.5 1420

1503 Passed 314.0

1531 Passed under I-65

1657 Anchored.

We picked a nice little cove near the back end of the Flint Creek marked channel. I was able to get first dibs on this and leave room for the other boats to come alongside.

We went ashore in two dinghies

Some of the glowing balloons. On the count of 10 they all set their flames to full blast to light up the balloons. Some of them did it to the beat of the music.

We are having fun.