Day's log for Thursday, August 30th, 2001 - Choctowhatchie Bay, FL

0950 - pulled up anchor, started motor, and got underway.

1010 - passed SM 250

1057 - passed SM 245

1145 - passed SM 240

1223 - passed SM 235

1307 - passed SM 230

1319 - put up main and jib and secured motor

1356 - lowered main and jib and started motor

1411 - passed SM 225

1443 - diesel level 7 inches from the top

1500 - passed SM 220

1505 - passed "Scott Quest" pushing 4 barges of woodchips. I radioed him on ch 13 but got no response so I held to the side of the channel and passed him on the one.

1547 - passed SM 215

I'm now passing a lot of government installations. There is a runway. Planes are coming in low to land.

1640 - passed SM 210

1658 - raised sails and secured motor

This day seemed rather boring

1705 - spotted Winn Dixie grocery store from the water. Lowered sails and started motor. This is the shortest sail on record - and not one I'm real interested in breaking either.

1710 - dropped anchor. I dinghied ashore. Then I pulled the dinghy up on the beach and walked to the store. Naturally my credit card did not work and these people had been told not to punch the numbers in. I pulled out $23 and change.

1810 - Then I returned to the boat and continued on.

1822 - Passed "Jackie Cenac" towboat

1826 - Passed SM 205

1900 - dropped anchor

Here the area consists of a wide channel with a waterway dredged straight down it. A strip of barrier land separates this from the Gulf of Mexico. The water is variable depth so I followed the chart carefully to get close to the barrier strip without getting too close. I was also thinking about folks coming out at night and drag racing their cigarette boats down this. I don't think very many people are that foolish. I enjoyed a good dinner of fried tuna, baked potato, and broccoli.

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