Day's log for Wednesday, August 29th, 2001 - East Bay

1025 - raised anchor, started motor and got underway

1035 - observed a fighter jet fly over - probably from Tyndall AFB

1105 - passed SM 295

How many pelicans can fit on a daymarker?

1148 - passed SM 290

1201 - raised main and jib and secured motor.

1305 - passed SM 285

1403 - diesel level 6 1/4 inches from the top

1419 - passed SM 280

1515 - started motor and lowerd main and jib

1522 - passed SM 275

1617 - passed SM 270

1635 - paused to allow towboat "Dean J" of New Orleans, LA to pass

1640 - aground!

I tried backing and forwarding. No luck. I was stuck.

Here's my chance to try kedging! I broke out the spare anchor and my 200 feet of 3/4" nylon, attached the anchor to the nylon, and put a good bit of it in the dinghy. I rowed out as far as I could into the middle of the canal without risking pulling the rest of the rode out of Andrea Lynn. A mistake is to forget to tie it off. I threw the anchor in the water and rowed back, letting out rode as I went. I was hampered by trying to pay out the heavy rode and row in a steadily building current. Meanwhile, a powerboat showed up. They offered to pull me off but I asked them to stand by while I tried to kedge. I got back to Andrea Lynn, pulled in as much rode as I could to create tension between Andrea Lynn and the anchor. I then wrapped it around the winch, put the winch handle in, and started cranking up the tension more. I put the motor in reverse. And I kept cranking. Five minutes later Andrea Lynn was free. The folks in the powerboat praised me "Good Job!". I removed the rode from the winch and pulled it by hand. I made dang sure it had enough tension to keep it straight and avoid fouling the prop. Although it had taken a good set, I was able to winch it up and get going.

1715 - free. I resumed course and speed.

1758 - passed SM 265

1808 - passed "Phi Long Hai" shrimp boat

1809 - passed "Lady Loren"

1838 - passed "Truong Tuan"

1842 - passed "Asia Son"

1852 - passed "Capt Hieu"

1858 - passed SM 260

2047 - dropped anchor. Because of this grounding and the increasing current against me, I was late making it to Chocktowhatchie Bay. It got dark and I still had three miles of canal to go. There was no place safe to anchor. I continued full speed until it got totally dark. Fortunately the moon was out and helped. I passed a towboat pushing a load but could not get the name. I got toward the bay and had to slow down as there were day markers. These are hard to see - well, dang near impossible to see - at night. Once in the bay, I had to go a ways, and past many day markers, bouys and lighted day markers until I could get into deep enough water to pull off channel. As I proceeded I would see the day markers just as I got to them. I matched them up with what was charted. Lighted day marker #13 was extinguished, making for a bit of confusion.

Shortly a towboat went by. He had a search light and was going very slowly. I could hear Kenny G over the diesel - perhaps to ease the nerves. That is one tense job as a single mistake could cost a fortune.

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