Day's log for Tuesday, August 28th, 2001 - Gulf of Mexico

0805 - I added about 16 oz of oil to the engine

0800 - took on 38 gallons of diesel. This seems a very surprising amount considering that I topped off last in Ft. Myers which was 6 cruising days previous.

0830 - left dock.

0845 - passed SM 350. These mile markers go backwards as I cruise and represent miles east of the Harvey Locks near New Orleans

0920 - passed SM 345

1028 - passed SM 340

1050 - dropped anchor and secured motor

I got breakfast here and had coffee. I had to leave the fuel dock pronto so others could come in.

1200 - started motor and pulled up anchor

1217 - Entered Searcy Creek.

1221 - passed SM 335

1255 - diesel tank reading 5 1/4 inches from top.

1300 - passed SM 330

1315 - passed into Central Time Zone. Log times will now shift from EDT to CDT

1235 - pulled over so that "Jeanie C" could pass.

1430 passed SM 315

This area bears a very close resemblence to the ICW in the wilderness of North Carolina - around mile marker 100 or so. It consists of a canal dug through woods that then opens out into a small bay with swamps and fingers of water extending into woods.

1503 - noted that there are ants on the boat. These apparently were workers who walked the line in Appalachicola. As the queen was still there these workers would live for a few days, then die, and the ant problem would go away.

1520 - passed SM 310

1606 - passed SM 305

1655 - passed SM 300

1740 - dropped anchor in East Bay at N 30 deg 7.3' W 085 deg 32.4' and secured motor.

I took a bit of time to relax and make phone calls as I was back in a GSM service area.

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