Day's log for Wednesday, August 8th, 2001 - Titusville, FL

Spent most of the day touring Kennedy Space Center. I saw where the Space Shuttle Discovery was sitting on the pad with the "garage" swung around it. There were about a bazillion families with children. At 1213 I saw the rocket carrying the "Genisys" spacecraft launch. This is a probe to collect some solar wind particles for study. I also saw the Imax movies. One was called "Cities in Space". I also saw the memorial for those who gave their lives for space travel. The message being said over and over again is to encourage the new generation toward space exploration and careers related to it. I thouroughly enjoyed the trip.

This is for the astronauts who gave their lives for space exploration. The sun shines through mirrors to illuminate the names. The whole unit moves to stay in alignment with the sun.

She actually lifted off on Friday

I like the relative simplicity of my diesel engine although it goes at about 6 mph vs 17500 mph!

The shuttle is actually mounted on this platform along with it's booster rockets and external fuel tank for launching. Then the whole assembly is hauled 5 miles to the launch pad on a crawler that gets about 35 feet per gallon of diesel. My boat gets around 10-15 miles per gallon of diesel.

After returning to the marina, I went to the grocery store. Along the way I stopped by memorials to the Mercury 7 program and the Gemini programs - which first got an American in space. The "Savalot" store I went to definitely was cheaper but they charged for bags and customers were expected to bag their own.

2010 - started motor and raised anchor

2017 - passed swing bridge

2030 - passed SM 880

2045 - dropped anchor off channel near #35

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