Day's log for Tuesday, August 7th, 2001 - Mosquito Lagoon (north end), FL

0958 - raised anchor and got underway

1045 - passed SM 865

1119 - slowed to 1000 RPM for two minutes

1121 - resumed 1800 RPM

1126 - passed through Haulover Canal Bridge

1135 - passed SM 870

At this point there was no wind and the water was completely flat.

1304 - dropped anchor outside of Titusville Municipal Marina, Titusville, FL

I dinghied ashore to do laundry and to gather information about the Kennedy Space Center tours. I returned to the boat to do editing for this website

1830 - dinghied ashore to update the website and check email. As I approached the breakwater I saw a dog in the water. He was panting and appeared to be in distress. I was like "why not just swim for the breakwater". I called to him and tried to lead him ashore. Then someone on shore said "Man in the boat: he's ok; he's just looking for a manatee." I realised that I had to do some more quick editing to add this.

After dark, I dinghied back to the boat. As I paddled I noticed the strange green phosphorescence in the water. Someone asked about Andrea Lynn and at the same time I got a cell phone call.

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