Day's log for Thursday, August 9th, 2001 - Indian River City, FL

1400 - started engine in reverse to charge batteries.

1430 - shut down. Voltage was now 12.5

1715 - shuttle launch scrubbed.

1717 - started motor and got u/w

1803 - hailed NASA Causeway bridge and was advised to wait at least an hour. The whole bridge and back on Merritt Island as far as I could see was a parking lot.

1809 - anchored and secured motor

I had dinner

1958 - started motor and raised anchor

2005 - passed through the Causeway bridge

2005 - passed SM 885

2035 - dropped anchor and secured motor

As I lay down to sleep, I could hear clicking noises through the hull. I thought they were from the boat itself, so I investigated. After about a half hour of this and talking on the phone, I decided they were coming from the water. I listened carefully and could note several distinct sets of clicking sounds. This clicking sound resembles the sound at the beginning of Vangelis's Chariots of Fire theme song except faster. I thought it could be dolphin sonar. This is definitely a topic for research when I get done with this trip.

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