Day's log for Sunday, July 29th, 2001 - Blackbeard Creek, SC

0920 - I pulled up the hook.

0943 - passed SM 575

0950 - crossed into Georgia. I briefly considered whether to go to Savannah and decided to skip it. It would have been nice but I did not know how far up the channel it was and I was really bucking a current to head there. Also it was a Sunday and who I needed to call to get information was closed.

1040 - passed through Sam Varnedge Bridge. I continued on past several marinas, nice beach residences and so forth.

1042 - passed SM 580

1123 - passed SM 585

1203 - passed SM 590

1230 - passed under Skidaway Bridge

1233 - passed push barge named "Miss Lori". These guys started getting crosswise with the bridge tender. They had been waiting about 1/2 mile south of the bridge for some reason. They asked the bridge to be opened back up for them. The bridge tender said "I've got to unlock the bridge by hand." Later, "Are you going to open it?" "I said I would." The barge started proceeding as I passed it.

1250 - passed SM 595

1315 - entered Vernon River. Secured motor and raised sails.

1344 - passed day marker #81

1350 - started motor

1357 - passed SM 600

1449 - passed SM 605

1538 - passed SM 610. During this period I was in some really remote and deserted areas. It seemed I was in a valley or corridor of marshes and labyrinthine waterways. I encountered only a half dozen other boaters.

1636 - passed SM 615

1720 - raised sails and secured motor.

1730 - passed SM 620

1740 - lowered sails and started motor

1825 - passed SM 625

1915 - passed SM 630

1948 - anchored. Each night the question comes up of where to anchor. Sometimes it is easy - dock at a marina. Otherwise I have to pick a spot to anchor. It is totally inadvisable to anchor in the channel. To do so is a safety hazard to pleasure boaters and it's also illegal. Push barges would have difficulty stopping when they came upon me and would not be very happy about it. Instead, I want to pick a spot off channel that is deep water partly surrounded by shallow water. Also the area needs to be such that it is not likely to have traffic. A tidal creek in a marsh is good as it doesn't go anywhere.

Tonight's answer was Blackbeard Creek off of Sapelo Sound. I dropped the hook in a patch of deep water about 100 feet from a small island. There was a beach on the other side of me. After dropping anchor I sounded it out to make sure that when the boat swung around on the anchor rode it would remain in sufficiently deep water.

After having dinner and reading, I turned out the lights. I was awakened by the sound of the dinghy hitting the side of the boat. I went above to check it out. I had a situation where the boat was pointed into the current. The wind was contrary to the current and the dinghy is affected more by wind. Hence, the dinghy was on the side of the boat. I let out more painter so that the dinghy would ride beyond the anchor rode. This worked for a while. Later, I was awakened again. This time the dinghy painter was wrapped around the front of the boat. About 6 shrimp boats were coming down the sound. One had his spotlight on me - perhaps since he wasn't used to seeing a sailboat anchored there. Regardless, it helped me to see better and rework the painter so the dinghy would trail behind me.

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