Day's log for Saturday, July 28th, 2001 - Coosaw River, SC

1045 - Raised anchor and proceeded. It was rather difficult to pull up the anchor since it had set deeply because of the storm.

1150 - passed SM 530

1245 - passed SM 535

1300 - passed through Ladies Island Bridge. At this point I was passing through the beautiful town of Beaufort, SC. I often hear nice complements about my boat. One of the best came from the Ladies Island Bridge Tender. I hailed her on VHF ch 9 as usual. Once I was through the bridge she said "That's a really fine darling you've got there." I really flattered to hear that.

1340 - passed SM 540

I passed by Parris Island, bootcamp for the Marines. Later I went through Hilton Head. It looked just as nice as I had heard it was. There were a lot of really nice houses and beach cottages. One thing I couldn't help noticing though is that there were some arranged in rowhouses. There was a really obvious separating wall built between them.

1430 - passed SM 545

1511 - hoisted sails and secured motor

1544 - started motor and lowered sails

1550 - passed SM 550

1640 - passed SM 555

1703 - stopped at Outdoor Resorts Marina - Hilton Head. Took on 15.6 gal of diesel fuel and ice.

1715 - left dock.

1723 - stopped at bridge to wait for push barge. I thought I could make it through in front of it but thinking is not good enough. I got to know that I could. So I waited.

1727 - resumed course and speed

1743 - raised sails and secured motor

1750 - dolphins are swimming all around my boat

1800 - passed SM 560

1815 - secured motor

1820 - started motor. Using both motor and sails I reached 7.6kts

1825 - secured motor.

1830 - started motor

1845 - passed SM 565

1945 - passed SM 570

2000 - dropped anchor in Wrights River, SC. This is just shy of the Georgia border and kind'a in a remote area. I still had cell phone coverage.

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