Day's log for Friday, July 27th, 2001 - The City Marina, Charleston, SC

1000 - left dock. I was glad to be going. I enjoyed Charleston but was really glad to be on my way.

1030 - passed through Wappoo Creek Bridge

1033 - passed SM 470

1052 - spotted dolphins - I see them so often now that I won't continue logging them

1106 - passed SM 475

1107 - ships compas 320 toward range

1145 - passed John Limehouse Bridge

1155 - passed SM 480

1252 - passed SM 485

1330 - spotted dolphins

1350 - passed SM 490

1442 - passed SM 495

1447 - rain for 5 min

1505 - rain for a few minutes. Thunderstorm brewing behind me.

1527 - passed SM 500

1625 - passed SM 505

1700 - Checked the engine coolant level again, this time it was fine.

1715 - passed SM 510

1804 - passed SM 515

1940 - I put in my 50 miles for the day, and anchored out in the Coosaw River near Parrot Creek. Around 2100 I noticed lightning. I went up to investigate and noticed the boat turning around as the tidal current switched from ebb to flood. I could hear dolphins breathing. I also noticed the wind coming up quickly. I soon reached 30 knots coming across the water. The one mile fetch allowed for two foot waves to start. While I read a book, the boat started pitching and rocking. Then I noticed a hard jerk. I realised that I had to put more scope on the anchor chain. That fixed the jerk. I later fell asleep. When I woke up, everything was calm. I went back to sleep. In the morning it was overcast.

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