Day's log for Thursday, July 26th, 2001 - The City Marina, Charleston, SC

I stayed in Charleston, and spent most of the day procuring spares and other parts. It is absolutely important to have spare parts for things likely to wear out or have problems, so I can fix them on the spot and not be stranded. After the day was done I thought that I really could have planned it better - well - next time.

Then I went out and walked around town for a bit. A nice rain storm came up when I started and I got my feet and legs soaked. I wasn't sure I wanted to walk into a store like that but I went to a place to get a fruit smoothie. They said "come on in". They were about to close but they gladly served me while I told them about my trip.

I then went to get some books. Finally, I warmed up with a cappuccino.

I checked the coolant level in the engine and noticed it down, I filled it up and rechecked the hoses. There was a problem near the water pump. I tightened it.

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