Day's log for Monday, July 30th, 2001 - Blackbeard Creek, GA

1007 - Pulled up anchor and headed for Brunswick, GA

1043 - passed SM 635

1125 - started raining off and on

1135 - passed SM 640

1224 - passed SM 645

1314 - passed SM 650

1402 - passed SM 655

1449 - passed SM 660

1531 - passed SM 665

1636 - passed SM 670

1745 - passed #245A, raised sails and secured motor

Finally, I docked at Golden Isle Marina. A thunderstorm was looming as I docked.

One skipper quipped - "you got in at just the right time."

I said "I know."

We both laughed.

This marina seems like a really good fit. They have laundry and a courtesy car - which is actually a courtesy car - a vehicle to use for a quick trip to the grocery. Also I was told they deliver newspapers and muffins - the most important thing - to the boats in the morning.

I noticed several other boats that were outfitted for long voyages. I thought gee, this is my kind of place. I hope the rest of the places I stop at on this trip are like this.

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