Day's log for Monday, July 23rd, 2001 - Hague Marina

I spent the next day, Thursday, getting stuff done. Then I had to go to DC for a doctor's appointment. I was supposed to catch a bus at the airport to take me to Florence, SC to catch the train to Union Station, then I would take Metro home and be ready to see the doctor Friday morning. Only, I got the bus departure time wrong and had to rent a car. I drove 8 hours and got home at 0200. I ran errands and saw the doctor - who said things are improving, finally. Saturday, Lori and I drove down. Sunday we spent time together in Myrtle Beach. There are attractions here to rival those in Ocean City, MD, especially the rides and the mini-golf. Also it's a shoppers paradise with outlet stores all over the place. We went to Brookgreen Gardens, though.

Monday - back to cruising. Got alternator charging regulator repaired. It was putting out too much voltage, causing my number 1 battery to become fried. The battery was puffed out and had acid spilled on the top. The battery must be replaced.

1417 - left dock at Hague Marina

1440 - passed SM 370

1445 passed Socastee bridge. I expected them to open on the hour or the half hour like most bridges so I allowed time to get there before the hour. It turned out they opened on the 1/4 and 3/4 hour. I got there just in time for the bridge to open and I steamed right through.

1525 - passed SM 375

1620 - passed SM 380

1710 - passed SM 385

1750 - passed SM 390

1823 - passed SM 395

1900 - passed SM 400

2000 - anchored at Georgetown Landing, SC

This place is a harbor surrounded by - from left to right - industrial plants, quaint waterfront businesses like those in Annapolis, marinas, shrimp boats, and dockage. I dropped anchor between some sailboaters who did the same and a powerboat that looked like it needed a lot of work. On the other side of the harbor is an island with some boats and barges run aground and abandoned. At night I could hear the noises from the industrial plants and the sounds of the shrimp boat fishermen.

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