Day's log for Tuesday, July 17th, 2001 - Pages Creek, NC

0630 - departed

0652 - passed SM 280

0640 - saw dolphins including one beside the boat

0714 - hailed Wrightsville Bridge

0800 - passed through the bridge

0816 - passed SM 285

0914 - passed SM 290

1005 - passed SM 295

1055 - passed SM 300

1125 - passed SM 305 - this is the fastest 5 miles on the whole trip thanks to Cape Fear River current

1205 - passed SM 310

1345 - passed SM 320

1358 - passed fishing boat with it's booms down. If you saw the movie "Perfect Storm" and recall the scene out at sea where the booms were swinging wildly, this is the type of boom I am talking about. He seemed to be going full speed. It was all I could do to stay out of his way. Unfortunately I did not get the name of the boat.

1520 - docked at Hughes Marina. I was bucking about a 2 knot current but was able to use it to make a very controlled approach to the dock which ran parallel. I put the boat in forward idle and could just about stay ahead of the current. I then steered to ease the boat toward the dock. I then leisurly tied the back line, then the forward line.

Hughes marina was closed. The main building was closed. The sign on the door said "Dock 7". The docks were not numbered. I then tried a building near the dock. The sign said "yes, we're open". Approaching, I heard loud music but the door was locked and no one answered.

1645 - left dock, after conducting very important cell phone business

1650 - passed SM 330

1743 - passed SM 335

1800 - docked at Pelican Pointe Marina. The offices were closed and there were no showers but at $0.75/foot I took it.

I washed the salt off the boat, then rode into town on my bicycle and brought back 21 lbs of ice, carrying it in a bag while holding on to the handle bars. The swinging bag made steering somewhat difficult at times but it worked. I then went back to a stand and bought 1/2 lbs of shrimp to steam for dinner. It was really good. After dark I took a hose shower.

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