Day's log for Wednesday, July 18th, 2001 - to Myrtle Beach, SC

1030 - left dock

These little boats drag nets up and down the ICW to catch oysters.

1050 - hailed Sunset Beach Bridge

1100 - passed through bridge

1124 - passed SM 340

1133 - passed into South Carolina

1210 - saw a boat named M&M. I passed some marinas and jet ski rental places that looked well weathered. I thought, this place has character. It was in sharp contrast to the squeeky clean, well healed, and expensive places I have seen in some places. These folks seemed to be more focused on their business.

1215 - passed SM 345

1242 - saw a boat named "C Drive"

Sometime in here someone overtook me on a jet ski and splashed me. I don't know whether they were playing or if they were avoiding running into me. These were about half the traffic. Fortunately they are very small and can go around me.

1319 - passed SM 350

1400 - passed Bearfoot Landing Bridge

1410 - passed SM 355

1510 - noted this has been a very desolate ditch since about 1300. It is straight, with nothing but trees and the backs of restaurants. There are very few day markers or signs. Plus the canal was narrow with rocky ledges. The tide was extremely low. I did not dare to dash below for sandwich fixings or anything else.

1605 - passed SM 365

There were some people swimming in the water and sitting on jet skis' talking. I slowed down to pass them.

1700 - docked at Hague Marina. This place has lots of parts and maintenance supplies. Someone here with a boat next to mine said that this is the place to go in all of Myrtle Beach for boat stuff. I stocked up on oil filters. Also it turns out to be very close to the airport.

Also there is a really nice crab place. It looks like a shack but it serves Maryland Crab. I had fried catfish instead.

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