Day's log for Monday, July 16th, 2001 - Dudley's Creek Marina to Pages Creek, NC

0955 - checked coolant level - I had to add miniscule water now. I tightened more hoses

1110 - left dock

1127 - passed SM 230

1205 - called to check email

1211 - passed SM 235

1253 - watched helicopter drop paratroopers. Obviously I was in a military area.

1305 - passed SM 240

1308 - came to Onslow bridge. Just before getting there I saw a sign that said "stop, do not proceed if lights are flashing - live firing zone". I also saw four men in a rubber dinghy. I think they were standing by to stop boats if they were going north bound. I didn't try to find out though.

1330 - passed through Onslow bridge. This was operated by USMC Camp Lejeune

1413 - passed SM 245

1457 - passed SM 250

At some point in time around here I came across this nice little vacation villa.

1539 - passed SM 255

1636 - passed SM 260

1640 - hailed Surf City Bridge

1703 - passed through bridge

1718 - passed pushboat "Royal Engineer" and barge carrying concrete beams for an overpass.

1756 - passed SM 265

1850 - passed SM 270

1945 - passed SM 275

2014 - hailed Figure 8 bridge

2030 - passed through bridge

2100 - docked at Pages Creek. I intended to go to Canady's Marina. I went through a narrow, unmarked channel to get there but I didn't pick the right spot and got stuck on a sandbar. I got help from some guys who pulled me off. I then was lined up perpendicular to the channel with the motor in forward idle. I got across and got stuck again before I got back and put it in reverse. They pulled me off again and pulled me up next to their ketch not too far. They really liked my dinghy and asked me about it. I told them it was a Shellback Dinghy and they said I must be a Yankee. I told them I wasn't and they said that we don't mind if you are one. They helped me to tie up alongside the ketch. Then they invited me in for a beer. I showed them Andrea Lynn including construction pictures. They also told me that I should leave at 6 to take the high tide back out the channel, then get the 0700 bridge opening, then make Cape Fear river by 10 to ride the outgoing current. Cape Fear got it's name because the current can reach 5-6 knots going in or out. Plus there's lots of shoals.

As I slept, I had a lot of dreams about coming through that channel out of Pages Creek. I also thought that it would be best to run each day as follows:

  1. Get up early and go
  2. After about 50 miles or 8 hours start looking for a dock
  3. Go eat at a nice restaurant or rest or sight see
  4. Do 50 miles a day or 300 miles a week - which allows for a day of rest
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