Day's log for Sunday, July 15th, 2001 - Town Creek Marina, Beaufort, NC

Morning - continued doing housekeeping. Worked on engine cooling system - tightened hose clamps and cleaned up engine. Dumped waste oil in a tank at the marina. When I checked out I was told that I should have checked out at 1100. It was about 1330.

1400 - left dock. Ran aground in the channel leading out of the marina. It was rather difficult to get free. Need to pay better attention to tidal currents and make sure I am lined up with the markers. I never had to deal with this in the Chesapeake.

1430 - proceeded down ICW for about 28 miles to Swansboro, NC. I spent the time dodging so many boats and jet skis that I did not bother logging the passage of mile markers or other events.

1900 - docked at Dudley's Marina. There was some problems with passing boats making wakes. I still had to add 1.5 liters of water to the engine cooling system.

Dudley's Creek Marina has a good parts store, and is also a BP filling station. They had people there all the time who were very helpful. I used the courtesy car which was an old Buick station wagon to go to the grocery store. Then they took me to Capt. Charlies Restaurant where I had a nice dinner. Someone at Capt. Charlies drove me back to Dudley's Marina. All in all I would dock there again.

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