Day's log for Saturday, July 14th, 2001 - Belhaven to Beaufort

0650 - raised anchor and departed

0715 - raised sails

0804 - passed SM 145

0900 - heard some classical music on the VHF ch 16. I'm surprised the Coast Guard didn't intervene.

0925 - passed SM 145

1010 - passed SM 150

1025 - dropped sails

1100 - passed SM 155

1117 - slowed to 1100 RPM for some small fishing vessels

1123 - slowed to 1100 RPM in front of Hobucken Coast Guard Station

1130 - resumed 1700 RPM - engine temp good

1153 - passed SM 160 - slowed to 800 RPM

1203 - raised main and jib and secured motor

Andrea Lynn seems to sail much better off the wind with the mizzen down. There is no force from it trying to pivot the boat up into the wind with it down

1248 - passed SM 165

1350 - passed SM 170

1415 - started motor, wind died

1458 - raised sails and secured motor

These folks did not look like they were exactly on an afternoon outing on the water. It seemed more like something supported by the taxpayers. They just came zooming past the sailboats and floating condos near Oriental, NC.

1459 - passsed SM 175

1527 - started motor

1540 - passed SM 180

1630 - passed SM 185

1717 - passed SM 190

1820 - passed SM 195

1903 - spotted Dolphins

1921 - passed SM 200

1930 - called on VHF 16 to hail Town Creek Marina. Towboat US answered and had me switch to 11. They called the Marina and located me a dock but said that I could take it at the risk of an irate slip renter waking me up at 0200 to dock their boat. I said I would "think about it." I went into Town Creek Marina and asked them that. They said that would not happen.

1945 - docked at Town Creek Marina after running aground 3 times getting to the marina area and looking to decide where to dock or anchor. Lessons learned include looking at the chart very carefully ahead of time. Also I had been sailing and navigating for about 12 hours prior to this. This is entirely too much to try to do in one day.

Called Lori since it was her Birthday. Also found out my cell phone works again. Went upstairs to eat Crab Cakes and have a Pina Colada and relax. Then I did laundry and house(boat) keeping.

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