Day's log for Friday, July 13th, 2001 - Alligator River, NC

0910 - hoisted sails and raised anchor. Did not start the motor

I watched Navy fighter jets conduct training exercises over the area

0955 - lowered sails and started motor. The wind kind'a died and I was about to enter a narrow channel.

1038 - passed SM 100

1130 - passed SM 105

1221 - passed SM 110

1224 - passed tree stump in the middle of the canal. The skipper of a sailboat that passed me back at SM 100 was kind enough to warn me about this tree stump.

1304 - passed SM 115

1354 - passed SM 120

1430 - noted engine temp unacceptably high. The guage needle was on the start of the red part. I pulled to the side of the channel, secured the motor and dropped the anchor. Dropping anchor in the narrow channel is normally not permitted except in emergencies.

1515 - after allowing the engine to cool I added 1.5 L of water to the freshwater side. I considered whether I should convert to seawater cooled. The engine runs low on coolant after a couple of hours and it must be replenished. I believe it is going out at the freshwater pump because it is worn. I made a note to constantly monitor the temp guage. I believe it will stay low for a while until the coolant level drops below a certain level, then it will rise quickly. So Friday the 13th really does brings bad luck. More to follow...

1603 - spotted dolphins. Many were swimming, coming up for air. There was even one riding my bow wave. When I went forward to take a picture he saw me and got scared and swam away. No more dolphins

1704 - passed SM 135

1830 - docked at River Forest Marina, Belhaven, NC. I have a bone to pick with these people. I needed to change the oil in the motor and realized I did not have a replacement oil filter. I saught to purchase one at the ships store here. I asked specifically on the VHF if they had one in stock for my engine. They said yes. When I got here I found out that 1) there was no ships store nearby, 2) they called a mechanic to get me one. They had me talk to him on the phone and describe what I needed. I then had to go back to my boat and look to get the part number of the filter - a Fram PH3614. Then I waited over two hours for the guy to show up. I was kind'a frustrated and I told them that I was impatient because I was expecting one thing based on my conversation and got another. I have no problem with the way they do things but I got to know so I can plan properly. I was thinking I could make it across the Pamlico River today but no such luck.

2000 - started the change oil evolution. I really need to get better used oil containment. I was constantly spilling and dripping oil and had to wipe it up.

2040 - left dock

2050 - anchored nearby and secured motor. This was about a 42 mile day. I had hoped for 70 but realized the oil change was very important. I thought it not best to push things any further. I will just get up early tomorrow. I need to go about 330 more miles to get to Charleston and I have about 5 1/2 days to do it. If I can do 60 mile days like yesterday I can make it.

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