Day's log for Thursday, July 12th, 2001 - Pungo Ferry Marina, VA to Aligator River, NC

0930 - departed.

1020 - crossed into North Carolina

1115 - passed SM 40 on the ICW

1200 - passed SM 45

1245 - pulled into Midway Marina in Coinjock, NC and picked up ice, stove alcohol and bug spray

1315 - left Midway Marina

1319 - passed under bridge

1407 - passed SM 55

1545 - took off sail covers

1550 - passed SM 65, entered Albemarl Sound

1620 - raised sails and secured motor

1650 - passed SM 70

At this point a fabulous sail

1735 - passed SM 75

1825 - passed SM 80

1900 - lowered sails and started motor to prepare to pass through bridge

1919 - passed through swing bridge at East Lake on the Aligator River

1935 - hoisted sails and secured motor

2020 - passed SM 90

2110 - dropped anchor

At this point it is too dark to see. I can see the land but can't tell how far it is in order to pick a safe anchorage. I had to dead reckon from the channel by running the motor at 1800 RPM for a specific amount of time to carry me far enough from the channel that I would be safe.

Also noticed a strange rubbing sound that seemed to come through all parts of the hull. I localized it to the area of the rudder and found that if I put the wheel hard over it stopped.

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