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Culler Sprit Rig Stuff

A bee hole. I plan to use minimal hardware as intended by Pete Culler.


Here are the holes for the rope grommets that hold the bowsprit. Apparently this is to allow adjustments to the jib and easy retraction of the bowsprit to reduce transient dock charges. Here I smeared epoxy on a piece of rope to run through and coat the inside of the hole.

Here is a shoulder piece. A loop in the sail will fit over this end as a point of attachment.


A slot in the sprit for the snotter.

Rudder Post

Here I make up some stock for the rudder cheeks. I am using some mahogany I had lying around. Once the epoxy cured I sanded it smooth.


I had to set the rudder on a piece of plywood, trace the post out, and eyeball the curve above the end of the post. I wanted to get it as close to the design as possible. I then transferred the pattern to tracing paper.

After tracing the pattern to the wood and cutting two pieces out I glued and screwed them in place. I used bungs I made on the drill press.


Here is the top piece. What better stock to use than that which I cut out of the centerboard? It had the required thickness. I glued and clamped it in place.

I finished it well with a belt sander and a palm sander. Then I applied a coat of epoxy, remembering to keep it out of direct sunlight.


Here is the finished rudder post. I sanded the epoxy coat and applied a second coat. I will finish all the brightwork by sanding with 100 grit followed by some coats of varnish.

Miscellaneous Finishing

There was a gap in the bow which I filled in with this piece.


I finally finished off this coaming. I put two coats of epoxy on the surfaces to be finished bright.