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The Outer Stem

Construction of the outer stem starts with the template that I pulled out after a year or so. Here I fit it by trial and error until it's close enough which means a barely visible gap.


I cut the stem parts from two pieces of wood as specified in the plans and laminate them together.

Here I trial fit the stem. First, I used a rope to hold it in place. I used the japanese saw to make saw cuts at the joint between the outer stem and the rest of the boat. By holding it in place and sawing where it touched I gradually improved the fit.


Here are some drifts I plan to use to secure the outer stem. The plans seem to indicate drifts and they are standard practise.

As I drilled the holes I stood on this step ladder and pushed on the drill with my weight. The sideways force caused the ladder to fall apart and collapse. I finished destroying it so someone would not get the bright idea of refurbishing it.


Here the stem is more closely fitted and aligned and held in place with two drifts. I have threaded rod on order to make more drifts. I plan to glue this in place tomorrow and then shape it like the one on Daniel G