Elver "Daniel G"

Front view of Elver "Daniel G" on exhibit at the Biloxi Wooden Boat Show in May, 2000. This took a while but it is what started me toward where I am today.

A really nice inside. These portholes really allow a lot of light inside and give the appearance of lots of space. As you can see there are five portholes. I will make the portholes as follows:

  1. Carefully cut ovals in the cabin side
  2. Rout the inside to make a rabbit for the glass
  3. Coat the edges with epoxy
  4. Lay in a glass oval and putty it in place. This will be 1/4" lexan.
  5. Put in a wooden frame to hold it in place
Originally I was thinking of bronze oval portholes but they are heavy, very expensive, and very hard to find.

This one was without the skeg that the plans now call for. In a recent correspondance, Steve Redmond pointed out that the skeg helps her to track better, makes the bottom stiffer, protects the rudder better, and does not hinder beachability.