Finally the day arrives. The drive down to the marina was a bit tense - particularly since I had never trailered a boat before. However it was completely noneventful.

I've got the masts stepped.


The crew - Lou, Will and Debbie

Thanks to everyone who came.


Cameron pops the cork.

She's lined up.


Debbie does the honors.

First wetting.


I struggle to push her off the trailer. To me she seems stuck somewhere in back.

I just backed the truck a bit more. Others told me that the boat was hung up on the bow.


She's free.

Here she is floating on her lines. I found no leaks. When I stood on the port side she healed only about 5 degrees - extremely stiff because of the flat bottom.

Debbie and I wanted to row around the marina a bit but there was too much wind so we put her back on the trailer and went to have a picnic.

I need to make some mods to the trailer:

  • blocks mounted on the fenders to make it easier to line up
  • a bit of carpet on the front of the trailer to cushion the bow
  • new line for the winch
  • new bow roller

I think a trolling motor is in the near future. I priced gas outboards and they are not cheap. Also the smaller outboards generally have a self contained gas tank but it's extremely small. I would need a bigger gas tank inside the boat. A battery would be more appealing plus I can charge it back up once I get home.