Day's log for Monday, September 17th, 2001 - Ditto Landing, Huntsville, AL

0920 - raised anchor and got underway

0938 - passed 334.3

1001 - passsed "Walter Brunson" 4x3

1036 - passed 339.3

1125 - passed "Robert C Loedding" 5x3

1126 - passed Paint Rock River

1145 - passing caves in Painted Cliff

I approached Guntersville lock. I hailed the lock master. He said that "my party" was here but he would have to talk to his supervisor to see if he could climb down in the lock. I approached the bank and pushed the dinghy ashore. A knot in the line caught on something and the dinghy stopped short of the shore. I freed the knot, pulled the dinghy back, set it up, and pushed it ashore again. Jim grabbed it, climbed in, and I reeled the dinghy back. He climbed aboard Andrea Lynn.

At the lock we used our routine which we had honed to perfection before. Jim went forward and make sure the 50' line was hooked on the samson post. He deployed the fenders. I docked at the 2nd from downstream bit on the west wall of the lock chamber. Jim led the line aft and took a turn around the bit. He handed me the end and I took three turns around the port jib sheet winch. I then tightened the line to hold the boat against the wall. Next I signaled that Andrea Lynn was ready. As the lockmaster shut the doors I secured the motor.

As the waters rose Jim and I fended the boat from the wall. Most of the time this worked great. Sometimes the lock turbulence would create difficulties in controlling the boat. On one lock the line was too loose, the boat pivoted to port and the bowsprit hit the wall. The whole boat seemed to ripple. Another time the side of the boat hit the wall with a "thunk" sound. I worked on the position of boat fenders to prevent recurrence.

After 15 to 20 minutes the doors opened and the horn sounded. I then undid the line from the winch and started the motor. Jim retrieved the line from the bit, stowed it, and we pushed off. Then we continued.

1345 - completed locking at Guntersville Lock and Dam

1400 - paused at Gray bat cave

1432 - passed 353.6

1533 - docked at Brown Creek Marina - big cruise done

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