Here's a rather unique outfit. These folks have you park your trailer on the barge at Mobile, then push it up the Tenn-Tom to wherever. Today they are due in Lake Guntersville. What a neat idea for a vacation.

Day's log for Sunday, September 16th, 2001 - Second Creek, Wheelers Lake, AL

0936 - got underway

1030 - raised sails and secured motor

1145 - wind fizzled, lowered sails and started motor

1158 - passed 286.2

1232 - passed 289.9

1242 - passed "Ana Louise"

1321 - passed 294.9

1359 - passed 299.0

1430 - passed 302.3

1547 - passed I-65

1639 - passed 314.0

1725 - passed 318.5

1800 - dropped Jim off at Indian Creek. There were people waiting to use the boat ramp and there was no dock. I helped Jim to put the bike in the dinghy. Then he climbed in and paddled ashore with the dinghy still tied to Andrea Lynn. I then pulled the dinghy back close, tied it off, turned around, and motored out of Indian Creek. He rode my bike to his house.

1816 - passed 322.4

1844 - boat tailing me "Good Times Two"

1847 - boat took off and passed me

1849 - cave at 326 south bank

1854 - passing 326.0

2040 - dropped hook outside Ditto Landing. I had finished an hours worth of running at night. I did this to get past Redstone Arsenal. I didn't want to create a problem for myself with the security. I saw just about everything about this trip in a different light since 9-11.

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