Day's log for Thursday, September 13th, 2001 - Mile 371 1/2, Tombigbee River, AL

0851 - got underway

0904 - passed 373.2

0956 - completed Wilkins lock

1023 - passed 379.2

1037 - passed 380.9

1051 - passed 382.3

1119 - passed 385.3

Wilkins lock hailed me on the VHF. I tried returning the hail on low power, then high power. No response. Fulton lock answered and said they would call on the land line to see what they wanted. Nothing came of it.

1207 - approach Fulton Lock

1233 - finished locking through

All locks make a certain amount of noise when operated. I think Fulton lock was the most musical of the locks. There's the sound of water rushing behind walls. Each time the water level passes the horizontal structural members there is the sound of water rushing over a dam. The bits are quite squeaky as they ride up. As water pressure increases the panels of the doors flex creating a low pitched drum note. Finally the song dies down and ends with the exit lock signal.

1237 - passed 391.6

1252 - passed 393.4

1322 - hailed "Rankin Lock"

1328 - passed "Bill Jr"

1402 - exited "Rankin lock"

1423 - passed 401.0

1433 - passed "TH Kelly"

1441 - passed 402.8

1500 - passed 404.8

1535 - finished Montgomery lock

1625 - entered Whitten lock. This lock is twice as high as the other locks. The lockmaster had difficulty closing the doors. He had to open them up and try to close them again. Then, as at all locks he got in his golf cart and rode down to check that they closed properly. Then as the Waterway Guide suggested, the lock filled with relatively little turbulence.

1718 - exited lock

1747 - passed 415.2 (Natches Trace Daymark)

1807 - passed 417.4

1823 - droped anchor at 418.9. This was in the middle of a large lake which would have been perfect for sailing. I wanted to dock at a marina on the lake. I hailed them and called them on the cell phone with no luck. Then another steel sailboat passed. I heard them hail that marina. I recall them answering back.

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