Day's log for Wednesday, September 12th, 2001 - Columbus, MS

1030 - got underway

1055 - passed 329.5

1133 - hailed Stennis Lock.

1135 - passed 333.6

1210 - completed locking

1234 - passed 337.6

1256 - passed 339.8

1312 - pumped down main bilge

1314 - passed 341.8

1330 - passed 343.7

1350 - passed 345.7

1416 - passed 348.3

1434 - passed 350.0

1504 - passed 353.7

1533 - hailed Aberdeen lock

1620 - completed lockage

1700 - passed 361.8. On the radio I heard an announcement that the Tenn-Tom would continue to be closed for security reasons. Hello, I am on it, locking and proceeding as normal. I had a good laugh.

Do I stop the cruise because of the actions of a pissed off, mentally ill, rich brat on the other side of the world? Heck no. I will continue to live my life normally regardless of what his minions try to dish out! With one small exception: I told Jim I had had to ban knives aboard the boat but had to make an exception for our leathermans.

As part of trying to understand what is going on with this mess, I took time to read his "Fatwas" printed in the Washington Post. He cites the woes of the Muslim people, blames their problems on what he thinks is the mean and selfish USA, quotes verses from the Koran, and tries to justify a "jihad" against the US. I think America is fully justified in a holy war to root out his kind everywhere.

1705 - passed 362.4

1710 - lake level 12' 2"

1735 to 1740 - passing "Heendry 4" dredging operation. I called them on the VHF to get clearance to pass as they had the machine sweeping from bank to bank. They said to pass them on the one when they swung around. We didn't get to the west bank quite away and the guy said "You're on the wrong side of the river". We got over and past them.

1803 - hailed Avery lock

1830 - finished locking. I asked the lock master about the radio announcement. He said that the only thing closed was materials shipment.

1845 - anchored at mile 371 1/2 just above Avery lock in 5 1/2 feet of water.

Jim remarked that there were no contrails. The sky was completely free of planes.

At some point I started making it a point to fly my ensign.

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