Day's log for Saturday, September 1st, 2001 - Palafox Marina, FL

Had to Fed-Ex my company laptop back to the office. I got my 20 mile bike ride as I was dang sure I was not going to pay for a cab to do this! I then enjoyed a good frappaccino before returning to the boat.

1415 - left dock

1455 - came in behind "Marathon". It looked like he had run his barges aground coming out of Pensacola and had help come along and pull them off.

1545 - passed SM 180

1635 - passed SM 175

1740 - passed SM 170

1822 - most definitely in Alabama. The chart doesn't show the state line. I sort of guessed this by looking at my street map for the eastern half of the US to see how the border went.

1835 - passed SM 165

1900 - anchored in Ingram Bayou. This looked like a nice, quiet, peaceful spot to rest and relax.

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