Day's log for Tuesday, August 14th, 2001 - Stuart, FL

I borrowed a ladder to free my NSS banner. It had gotten stuck high under the spreader in a storm a while back. The lesson learned here is to not put burgees directly under the spreader. Allow them to be down at least 18 inches below the spreader, or they get caught on shackles and cotter pins.

I went on my bike again to RAPCO, picked up the alternator, then went to Sewells hardware store to pick up metal strapping and rope. I secured the alternator and the strapping in a cardboard box and tied it to the handlebars on the bike with the rope, then I rode back to Northside Marina.

Then, back to the boat to put everything back together. I unbundled and traced the battery isolator wires properly, and put various colors of tape on to distinguish them in the future. Then, I put the alternator on, and give it the smoke test. The meters work fine and indicate 14 volts and 3.5 amps. This is what it is supposed to indicate, if the batteries are to be properly charged.

1445 - left dock

1500 - passed through Roosevelt bridge

1506 - alternator output 14v 1A.

1508 - engine temp - entire "T" showing

1528 - passed SM 10

1552 - alternator output 14v 0.7A - looks like the batteries are nearly finished charging.

1605 - engine just slightly warmer

1615 - arrived St. Lucie lock

1617 - dropped anchor and secured motor below the spillway. The lock master ok'd it since he was not letting any water out of the dam. I was almost close enough to pick leaves off the trees ashore but still in plenty deep water. This area is just to the right of what you see in the photograph.

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