Day's log for Monday, August 13th, 2001 - Stuart, FL

Today, I went to the hardware store, grocery store, and lumber store on a bike I borrowed from the marina. I returned and installed the guages. They showed the alternator output high - about 15 volts. It appears that the new regulator I had put in at Hague Marine for $300 had gone bad. I took the alternator off the engine and was ready to see how far I could chuck it in the water - but instead I borrowed the bike again, took the alternator to RAPCO. They did the same test and it showed the regulator bad. They said they could have it fixed tomorrow. I also asked them to see if they could put together a spare. They said it would be bigger. On the way back, I stopped at Boat/US and ordered a spare alternator - about $370. The theory is between this and the voltage guages I might save a battery. All during this time I was cursing electricity - particularly it's cost. The biggest cost area of this trip has been in the electricity department. I also was talking to someone at the marina who has air conditioning on his boat. He turned it on and it immediately tripped the breakers. Then only one of two fans would run and it would blow warm air. He was starting a two week cruise. The AC repairman said he could have it repaired by Friday.

I try to trace the wires to draw a schematic. My tracing is yielding ambiguous results. I would trace a wire and have it come out somewhere. I would check my work by tracing it again and it would come out somewhere else. I was getting frustrated. Also I would just stand there for a minute before doing anything because my body energy levels were low. I wrapped it up and went for dinner.

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