Day's log for Thursday, August 2nd, 2001 - Jacksonville Beach, FL

Today, I picked up the pump kits. I had to wait until the afternoon for the kits to finally come in. They had been shipped out on Tuesday - I had ordered them the Thursday before. Then they were held up because of an incorrect zip code.

I then opened up the kit and disassembled the raw water pump. I put in the new impeller and new shaft seal. I then put everything back together. I hand cranked the engine but the pump did not develop any suction. I called Depco to ask for technical assistance. They told me that the pump - a Jabsco model 2620-0003 was an older design and that the 2620-1003 was much improved. I fiddled with it without success. Finally, I stopped work and cleaned up to rest and relax and ponder my next moves.

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