Day's log for Wednesday, August 1st, 2001 - Fernandino Beach, FL


I dinghied ashore here for a bit of shopping and sight seeing. It rained off and on. I bought ice and returned to the boat.

1253 - raised anchor and headed south.

1327 - passed SM 720

1425 - passed SM 725

1518 - passed SM 730

1537 - passed boat named "Significant Other"

1606 - passed SM 735

This is a floating dry dock. It has tanks built into it that are pumped full of water to lower it so a ship can steam in. Then the tanks are pumped out raising the dock and the ship high and dry.

I have no idea what this is for.

Had to stop and wait for traffic in St. Johns River

1747 - passed SM 745

1815 - docked at Beach Marine in Jacksonville, FL. I could have kept going but I had to stop here to pick up spare pump kits that I had ordered at West Marine

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