Seawater Strainer

I had to rework the raw water cooling supply significantly. The new engine took its water on the starboard side.

Originally I wanted to leave the raw water setup alone. However I realized early that the pipe was too high and was in the way of the engine bed. I ended up moving the raw water strainer.

I will reuse this Perko strainer as it is in good shape.

I needed to mount the seawater strainer, the fan and the anti siphon loop on this bulkhead. However the bulkhead consists of thin sheet aluminum backed by foam. This is hardly sufficient to screw anything into. I constructed a mounting plate to go against this bulkhead. I made it of three layers of 3/8" ocoume marine plywood glued together and sealed with epoxy. I screweed it in to tabs forward and aft.

Pictured here is the bulkhead installed and everything mounted. I later ended up lowering the seawater strainer below the waterline so that it would fill up on its own when I opened the sea cock.

At this point it is ready for hose hookup once I get the new engine installed.

I ran into a bit of a quandery about how to attach the hose to the engine. If it went straight across I was thinnking the engine vibration would cause problems. I ended up having the sea water strainer outlet loop up and then back down to the engine. The total length of hose was about two feet. The loop absorbs vibration.

Note also that I moved the seawater strainer down below the waterline so that it would fill up more easily.