Replacing Portlights

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Repairs continue

Here I'm fitting a second layer of 3/8" occoume. I cut, routed and chiseled the hole out even bigger to get a staggered joint.

I glued it in and fastened it with temporary screws. After the glue cured I had to use a soldering iron to heat the screws and vicegrips to extract them.

I sanded the outside smooth, then I put on a layer of fiberglass. Most of the outside layer was some sort of cloth but I could peal it off with my hand. The fiberglass in epoxy would be just about impossible. The foil is to help reflect sunlight on to the surface and warm it up to expedite the cure just a bit. Many of the days I worked on this had highs in the 50s and 60s - just barely warm enough for epoxy.

The inside is now sanded smooth and primed. The primer is necessary so that the epoxy doesn't inhibit the paint from drying.

Here's a view of the repair from the outside. It's almost complete. I've painted it to match the rest of the cabin.