New Cabin Top Hand Rails for Andrea Lynn

Preparation - May 28, 2018

As shown here the existing hand rails were in deteriorating condition and starting to break apart.

Shown here is where the handrail actually broke. A screw was left protruding and creating a hazard.

The handrails were rotting at many of the attachment points. Also they were fastened with wood screws that went only 1/2 inch into the cabin. This is IMHO an inferior construction. But it made removal relatively easy. But the screws were phillips head. Cleaning out the phillips head to get a screw driver in was difficult. I decided that I would use flat head screws for the new project.

I drilled out the screw holes with a 1/4" bit to clean up any existing rot surrounding the screw holes.

I was mostly successful at avoiding drilling all the way through but in a few cases I did. I put duct tape over the hole.

Next I filled the holes with thickened epoxy.

After the epoxy cured I sanded and primed the top. Here Andrea Lynn looks slightly weird without handrails. My intent was to get to a blank slate free of constraints from the old hand rails.

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