The Mollycroft

I wanted a means of letting in more light and air. The mollycroft is a neat way of doing that. Below are details of how I built the mollycroft.

Here are the cut and assembled frames.

As with everything else it is glued and screwed together.

Here I test fit the sides with the front and back.

I plane the sides to create a bevel that will fit the roof.

It now has a top and fits pretty good.

A side view. There were still a little bit of gaps which I filled with thickened epoxy.

This is a good place to put the modern solar panels where they don't affect the appearance of the vardo.

A little bit of trim relieves the otherwise blocky appearance of this mollycroft and further conceals the solar panels.

The trim has been installed.

It is now primed.

Now it is permanently installed.

The view from the inside.

The solar panels are now mounted and wired in.

These wires come down from MC4 connectors.

For ventilation I bought some brass marine portlights. These did not come with screens so I had to make my own.

I used quarter round to hold the glass in. I used a jig to drill properly positioned and angled nail holes. I wanted to be able to remove and replace the glass in the future.

The glass installation is finished.

I used quarter round to hold the portlight mounts in place too.

The quarter round looks ok but not that great. I will switch to something else later.

The finished mollycroft from the outside.