Sailing on Tims Ford Lake

My first outing in No Strings Attached was today. I trailered the boat up to Tim's Ford Lake in Tennessee. This turned out to be a bit of adventure. I put in near the dam.

At dock ready to get underway.

As soon as we pushed off from the dock we started going toward the bank. Then I remembered to put down the centerboard. Then she started sailing. It's a nice feeling after spending two years building her. As soon as we got out in the middle of the lake the wind picked up slightly. Our destination was Anderson Creek which was about one mile from the ramp. We sailed up there in about an hour - mostly by going downwind. The plan was to meet some people at a particular dock. That didn't pan out so we started heading back. We tacked a few times across the lake. My first impressions are that she points high and does well. Then the wind died.


I got the paddles out and we started heading back toward the dam. In dead calm I found out that we can paddle her about 3/4 knot. I wanted the challenge of paddling back so I turned down a tow. Debbie was not pleased, so when a second tow came along I took it. It was getting dark as we reached the boat ramp. I let two boats come in while I got ready to take her out. By this time it was so dark in the parking lot that I was worried about backing the trailer into someone. I waited until these people were clear before backing the trailer down and getting the boat put back on it. I then spent some time getting things put back ready for returning to Huntsville.