An outing on Lake Guntersville

This is a short segment on my outings on Sunday August 20th, 2006

I took some folks from the marina out. The winds were very light to nonexistent. I used the trolling motor some. I ended up drifting into the millfoil though. We paddled through it. This picture is an attempt to show the track we made. This millfoil is sort of the Sargasso sea of Lake Guntersville. Boats can get stuck in it. But No Strings Attached skimmed right over it with the centerboard up.


I did have some difficulty with the centerboard getting stuck. I had tried to lower it but the water was too shallow. I think some residual millfoil got caught in it and jammed in between the centerboard and the trunk. Once ashore, I drilled this 2 inch hole in the top of the centerboard case. This allows me to use the boathook to force the centerboard down.

I thank Mr Ed for this picture and others of me under sail.

The new trailer centers are an unqualified success! When I retrieved the boat she came out perfectly on center on the very first attempt.