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Today I glued and screwed the forward section of the cabin top in place. This consists of 1/4" plywood per the plans. I needed a moderate amount of force to get it to the required curve but at no point did the plywood indicate it was nearing the breaking point.

I had some difficulties with drilling the holes and inserting the screws. One screw came out the side of the framework. I will have to remove, drill and install a new screw, and patch the hole or just grind off the part that is showing. I'll decide later.

Now I turn my attention to the cockpit. I discovered that I had made a mistake of cutting the deck members of the #4 frame too short. They needed to be 11 1/2" long. This explains why the sides of the cockpit coaming are curved. I decided to build the wood of the deck up straight so that the coaming would be straight as designated in the plans.


Here is what the coaming should look like. This is per the plans. There is no particular reason to deviate from the plans.

Here are the two pieces - one southern yellow pine member plus one 3/8" ocoume plywood like the deck.

If you look closely you can see that the curve I was originally going to live with is really not that fair of a curve.


Here the pieces are glued in. I used so many clamps to insure alignment that I had to stop here. I will glue the starboard side in later this week.